My Family Is The Fuel To My Success – Maryam Ali Adamu

While a lot of people assume being a mother hinders your ability to become a successful business owner, I would like to tell them that they are wrong. Motherhood and owning a business do not mix like oil and water. My family is the fuel to my success; Rather than a hindrance to it. As a mother, I have learnt to listen. Which is a very important factor in raising a family as well as running a business and being more attentive to my clients. Your children will test your patience time and time again. So will your clients. So you have to learn to be patient and understanding. Punctuality and organization is a vital factor in raising kids. This has immensely improved my ability to apply these pros to my business as well. I have improved in paying attention to schedules and keeping details in order. When interacting with children, you will have to make your point clear and you need to send your message well before their attention span expires. This has helped me to become more direct and clear when speaking to both public forums and my co workers as a whole. Being a role model to my daughter has also taught me to become more aware and in tune with my actions and reactions. Actions really do speak louder than words in business too. This has taught me to lead by example rather than just telling my clients and coworkers what I expect from them. So you can make your life richer and better when you focus on how parenthood and business entwine whether you have a family and trying to start a business or you have a business and trying to raise a family. Motherhood is a beautiful thing and so is a career mother.

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