LEG events has collaborated with over 30 highly reputable outfits on relevant projects and has also been part of over 40 faultless shows/events in the pace setter state and beyond, since inception till date.


LEG Management represents dancers, footballers, actors, comedians, graphics designers, musicians, live performers, writers, fashion designers, directors, lifestyle personalities and photography.

LEG Management is a vertically integrated talent management, branded entertainment, live exhibition, and digital marketing firm based in Ibadan, Oyo-State. The company was established in 2014, and found its current form in 2019 and has produced premium services and products.


LEG Productions has over the years been involved in media productions with over 50 prime-time specials (celebrities in different sectors ) with some of the biggest names in comedy, music, movies, football, Dj, dancers, OAP’s ; including, Peteru, sleek & classy clothings, Fabulous pizzy, Joel foundation (NGO humanitarian service provider), SheunNatural, Remote, Anthony (homeboygino apparel), Otega, Zowdee (dancer), Slim p, Hassan shuab (ex shooting star footballer), Francis odega (gerraraHere initiator nollywood ), Keanzo, VJ Adams (sound city OAP), DJ Rahzzor, Dapo talabi photography, Florence collections and more.


LEG media has an affiliation with the best and biggest record label and studio in the pace setter state, TPiano studio and water fall records


The brand name “LEG” is an acronym formed from the beginning of a three letter pronounceable words. “LionEagleGrace”


Attributes can be seen as

 Strength

 Courage

 Royalty and Stateliness

 Bravery

 Pride


Attributes can be seen as

 Strong vision

 Beauty

 Courage

 Honor

 Determination

 Bravery

 Loves storm- when other bird’s runs from it, eagles fly into it and use the wind of the storm to rise higher in seconds.


First question is, what is “GRACE”? It is simply getting what you don’t deserve. However the biggest question is how will, or rather, how can someone or an animal or something or a substance has the quality and attributes of both a Lion and an Eagle? The answer is simply; it takes “GRACE”

And that’s how the brand name came into existence. #LION#EAGLE#GRACE “LEG”

A brand name where “Excellence is our watchword, Competence is our identity”

Competency for outright Excellence!!!

In recognition of our professionalism and conduct in entertainment sector. Honourable Yusuf Oladeni Adebisi @yusufcurrencyofficial presented us @leg_mediaproductions a letter as ambassador on entertainment, culture and art OYO state.

We are committed to driving the good course of entertainment through the passion and talents we embodies both as individual and collectively. Competency for outright excellence is the watchword!


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