Temitayo Oke – Unconditional Love (Prod. By Dara Dave)

What makes love unconditional? The definition of unconditional is without restrictions or limits – unquestioning. How can you be certain of unconditional love and where can you find it? There is one true source of this kind of love and it’s God. If we want to learn to love others unconditionally, we must look to God who is the perfect source.
I didn’t know what unconditional love was until I met Jesus. If I’m honest, I may never fully understand how God can still love me even when I do things that sever our relationship. Yet, Jesus allows us to experience the love of the Father through His death.
God’s love is infinite. There will never be a day when God doesn’t love you. You can’t do or say anything to revoke God’s love: that’s the gospel in a nutshell.
The problem is, in our finite world, we get rejected by our friends, our marriages sometimes end in divorce, and our parents don’t support us in the way we desire. Is it any wonder we don’t fully understand God’s love for us?
But by working on our relationship with God, reaching out to Him, and trusting Him for everything we can begin to know an unconditional love we have not known (or will ever know again).

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