Middle-aged woman collapses after fraudsters stole N400k from her bank account

A video that has begun making the rounds on social media covers the moment a middle-aged woman collapsed after fraudsters stole N400k from her bank account.

According to reports surrounding the video, the woman rushed to an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) in Asaba, Delta, with her children and pleaded with people on the queue to use the machine that she needed to check her account balance.

Upon checking her account balance, she burst into tears and broke down in public, claiming that fraudsters had wiped her account and stolen N400,000.

People on the queue tried to aid her by lifting her up – social media users who have come across the post are now showing their support by alerting authorities who can help out.

Twitter user @blacq_arab while sharing the video wrote;

So sad at the ATM stand this morning in Asaba, this woman & her children just ran in & pleaded with us that they want to check there balance, we allowed them next thing this old woman started crying that they’ve hacked 400k from her bank account

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