US-based Apostle Williams makes shocking revelation, reveals winner of today’s elections

A United Kingdom-based preacher, Apostle ATB Williams says President Muhammadu Buhari is God’s last chance for Nigeria, stressing that, many Christian leaders chose to deceive people because of what they were gaining from previous administrations.

Apostle Williams who says he has never benefited from any Nigerian government told his congregation that God showed him that Buhari will win despite concerted efforts against his candidature in 2019.

Many efforts have been made to rubbish the person of President Buhari including claims that he is attempting to Islamize Nigeria. Others claimed he was cloned following his illness in 2017, to the extent that he was widely labeled ‘Jubril of Sudan’.

“They mislead Nigerians to pray against God’s anointed because he is a Muslim,” he said in a sermon to his church congregation.

“When the Holy Spirit told me that the man will rule Nigeria, all of them were saying the man will not, before the election of the man,” he said.

“I have no businesses in Nigeria, you know, I have no sharing in the government money or in all those stuff in Nigeria. So I have no reason to be biased. The Holy Spirit told me the man would rule Nigeria and He showed me 4 years for the man to rule Nigeria and bring Nigeria back to its position but the liars who called themselves Christian leaders in Nigeria lied to the people only because they had participated in ungodly act with the politicians.

Apostle Williams added that, “In a short term their judgment will begin. I am telling you what I have seen. Some people will mourn and weep when they open their Pandora’s boxes are out.

“Listen to me, because of that, Christians in Nigeria got biased instead of them to pray for their Cyrus they kept their mouth shut or they wish him evil. But the man is sick and the spirit of the man his crying who shall help me and the Christians God sent there have been lied to so they turn against him.

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